Class OffsetManager


public class OffsetManager extends Object
Manages acked and committed offsets for a TopicPartition. This class is not thread safe
  • Constructor Details

    • OffsetManager

      public OffsetManager(org.apache.kafka.common.TopicPartition tp, long initialFetchOffset)
      Creates a new OffsetManager.
      tp - The TopicPartition
      initialFetchOffset - The initial fetch offset for the given TopicPartition
  • Method Details

    • addToAckMsgs

      public void addToAckMsgs(KafkaSpoutMessageId msgId)
    • addToEmitMsgs

      public void addToEmitMsgs(long offset)
    • getNumUncommittedOffsets

      public int getNumUncommittedOffsets()
    • getNthUncommittedOffsetAfterCommittedOffset

      public long getNthUncommittedOffsetAfterCommittedOffset(int index)
      Gets the offset of the nth emitted message after the committed offset. Example: If the committed offset is 0 and offsets 1, 2, 8, 10 have been emitted, getNthUncommittedOffsetAfterCommittedOffset(3) returns 8.
      index - The index of the message to get the offset for
      The offset
      NoSuchElementException - if the index is out of range
    • findNextCommitOffset

      public org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer.OffsetAndMetadata findNextCommitOffset(String commitMetadata)
      An offset can only be committed when all emitted records with lower offset have been acked. This guarantees that all offsets smaller than the committedOffset have been delivered, or that those offsets no longer exist in Kafka.

      The returned offset points to the earliest uncommitted offset, and matches the semantics of the KafkaConsumer.commitSync API.

      commitMetadata - Metadata information to commit to Kafka. It is constant per KafkaSpout instance per topology
      the next OffsetAndMetadata to commit, or null if no offset is ready to commit.
    • commit

      public long commit(org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer.OffsetAndMetadata committedOffsetAndMeta)
      Marks an offset as committed. This method has side effects - it sets the internal state in such a way that future calls to findNextCommitOffset(String) will return offsets greater than or equal to the offset specified, if any.
      committedOffsetAndMeta - The committed offset. All lower offsets are expected to have been committed.
      Number of offsets committed in this commit
    • hasCommitted

      public boolean hasCommitted()
      Checks if this OffsetManager has committed to Kafka.
      true if this OffsetManager has made at least one commit to Kafka, false otherwise
    • contains

      public boolean contains(KafkaSpoutMessageId msgId)
    • getLatestEmittedOffset

      public long getLatestEmittedOffset()
    • getCommittedOffset

      public long getCommittedOffset()
    • toString

      public final String toString()
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