Class LocalizedResourceRetentionSet


public class LocalizedResourceRetentionSet extends Object
A set of resources that we can look at to see which ones we retain and which ones should be removed.
  • Field Details

    • LOG

      public static final org.slf4j.Logger LOG
  • Method Details

    • getSizeWithNoReferences

      protected int getSizeWithNoReferences()
    • addResources

      public void addResources(ConcurrentMap<String,? extends LocallyCachedBlob> blobs)
      Add blobs to be checked if they can be deleted.
      blobs - a map of blob name to the blob object. The blobs in this map will be deleted from the map if they are deleted on disk too.
    • cleanup

      public Set<LocallyCachedBlob> cleanup(ClientBlobStore store)
      Actually cleanup the blobs to try and get below the target cache size.
      store - the blobs store client used to check if the blob has been deleted from the blobstore. If it has, the blob will be deleted even if the cache is not over the target size.
      a set containing any deleted blobs.
    • toString

      public String toString()
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