Class AbstractStreamsProcessor


public abstract class AbstractStreamsProcessor extends Object
  • Field Details

    • outputStream

      protected Stream<Values> outputStream
    • dataContext

      protected org.apache.calcite.DataContext dataContext
    • classLoaders

      protected List<CompilingClassLoader> classLoaders
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractStreamsProcessor

      public AbstractStreamsProcessor()
  • Method Details

    • outputStream

      public Stream<Values> outputStream()
      Return final output stream of SQL topology structure.
      the output stream of the SQL
    • build

      public abstract StormTopology build()
      Construct the Storm topology based on the SQL.
    • getDataContext

      public org.apache.calcite.DataContext getDataContext()
      Return DataContext instance which is used with execution of query.
      DataContext instance which is used with execution of query
    • getClassLoaders

      public List<CompilingClassLoader> getClassLoaders()
      Return the list of Classloaders which need to be compiled and included to the jar. They're all chaining so the last classloader can access all classes.
      Classloaders to compile.