Class GeneralTopologyContext

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public class GeneralTopologyContext extends Object implements
  • Field Details

    • topoConf

      protected Map<String,Object> topoConf
    • doSanityCheck

      protected boolean doSanityCheck
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  • Method Details

    • getStormId

      public String getStormId()
      Gets the unique id assigned to this topology. The id is the storm name with a unique nonce appended to it.
      the storm id
    • getRawTopology

      public StormTopology getRawTopology()
      Gets the Thrift object representing the topology.
      the Thrift definition representing the topology
    • getComponentId

      public String getComponentId(int taskId)
      Gets the component id for the specified task id. The component id maps to a component id specified for a Spout or Bolt in the topology definition.
      taskId - the task id
      the component id for the input task id
    • getComponentStreams

      public Set<String> getComponentStreams(String componentId)
      Gets the set of streams declared for the specified component.
    • getComponentTasks

      public List<Integer> getComponentTasks(String componentId)
      Gets the task ids allocated for the given component id. The task ids are always returned in ascending order.
    • getComponentOutputFields

      public Fields getComponentOutputFields(String componentId, String streamId)
      Gets the declared output fields for the specified component/stream.
    • getComponentOutputFields

      public Fields getComponentOutputFields(GlobalStreamId id)
      Gets the declared output fields for the specified global stream id.
    • getSources

      public Map<GlobalStreamId,Grouping> getSources(String componentId)
      Gets the declared inputs to the specified component.
      A map from subscribed component/stream to the grouping subscribed with.
    • getTargets

      public Map<String,Map<String,Grouping>> getTargets(String componentId)
      Gets information about who is consuming the outputs of the specified component, and how.
      Map from stream id to component id to the Grouping used.
    • toJSONString

      public String toJSONString()
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      toJSONString in interface
    • getTaskToComponent

      public Map<Integer,String> getTaskToComponent()
      Gets a map from task id to component id.
    • getComponentIds

      public Set<String> getComponentIds()
      Gets a list of all component ids in this topology.
    • getComponentCommon

      public ComponentCommon getComponentCommon(String componentId)
    • maxTopologyMessageTimeout

      public int maxTopologyMessageTimeout()
    • getConf

      public Map<String,Object> getConf()
    • doSanityCheck

      public boolean doSanityCheck()