Class AlternateRackDNSToSwitchMapping

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public final class AlternateRackDNSToSwitchMapping extends AbstractDNSToSwitchMapping
This class implements the DNSToSwitchMapping interface It alternates bewteen RACK1 and RACK2 for the hosts.
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    • AlternateRackDNSToSwitchMapping

      public AlternateRackDNSToSwitchMapping()
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    • resolve

      public Map<String,String> resolve(List<String> names)
      Description copied from interface: DNSToSwitchMapping
      Resolves a list of DNS-names/IP-address and returns back a map of DNS-name->switch information ( network paths). Consider an element in the argument list - The switch information that is returned must be a network path of the form /foo/rack, where / is the root, and 'foo' is the switch where 'rack' is connected. Note the hostname/ip-address is not part of the returned path. The network topology of the cluster would determine the number of components in the network path.

      If a name cannot be resolved to a rack, the implementation should return {DEFAULT_RACK}. This is what the bundled implementations do, though it is not a formal requirement.

      names - the list of hosts to resolve (can be empty)
      Map of hosts to resolved network paths. If names is empty, then return empty Map
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      public String toString()
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