Class MkClusterParam


public class MkClusterParam extends Object
The param arg for `Testing.withSimulatedTimeCluster`, `Testing.withTrackedCluster` and `Testing.withLocalCluster`.
  • Constructor Details

    • MkClusterParam

      public MkClusterParam()
  • Method Details

    • getSupervisors

      public Integer getSupervisors()
    • setSupervisors

      public void setSupervisors(Integer supervisors)
    • getPortsPerSupervisor

      public Integer getPortsPerSupervisor()
    • setPortsPerSupervisor

      public void setPortsPerSupervisor(Integer portsPerSupervisor)
    • isNimbusDaemon

      public Boolean isNimbusDaemon()
    • getDaemonConf

      public Map<String,Object> getDaemonConf()
    • setDaemonConf

      public void setDaemonConf(Map<String,Object> daemonConf)
    • setNimbusDaemon

      public void setNimbusDaemon(Boolean nimbusDaemon)
      When nimbusDaemon is true, the local cluster will be started with a Nimbus Thrift server, allowing communication through for example org.apache.storm.utils.NimbusClient.