Interface TridentCollector

All Known Implementing Classes:
AppendCollector, CaptureCollector, FreshCollector, GroupCollector

public interface TridentCollector
Interface for publishing tuples to a stream and reporting exceptions (to be displayed in Storm UI).

Trident components that have the ability to emit tuples to a stream are passed an instance of this interface.

For example, to emit a new tuple to a stream, you would do something like the following:

```java collector.emit(new Values("a", "b", "c")); ```

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  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    emit(List<Object> values)
    Emits a tuple to a Stream.
    Flush any buffered tuples (when batching is enabled).
    Reports an error.
  • Method Details

    • emit

      void emit(List<Object> values)
      Emits a tuple to a Stream.
      values - a list of values of which the tuple will be composed
    • flush

      void flush()
      Flush any buffered tuples (when batching is enabled).
    • reportError

      void reportError(Throwable t)
      Reports an error. The corresponding stack trace will be visible in the Storm UI.

      Note that calling this method does not alter the processing of a batch. To explicitly fail a batch and trigger a replay, components should throw FailedException.

      t - The instance of the error (Throwable) being reported.