Class OpaquePartitionedTridentSpoutExecutor.Coordinator

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public class OpaquePartitionedTridentSpoutExecutor.Coordinator extends Object implements ITridentSpout.BatchCoordinator<Object>
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    • initializeTransaction

      public Object initializeTransaction(long txid, Object prevMetadata, Object currMetadata)
      Description copied from interface: ITridentSpout.BatchCoordinator
      Create metadata for this particular transaction id which has never been emitted before. The metadata should contain whatever is necessary to be able to replay the exact batch for the transaction at a later point.

      The metadata is stored in Zookeeper.

      Storm uses JSON encoding to store the metadata. Only simple types such as numbers, booleans, strings, lists, and maps should be used.

      Specified by:
      initializeTransaction in interface ITridentSpout.BatchCoordinator<Object>
      txid - The id of the transaction.
      prevMetadata - The metadata of the previous transaction
      currMetadata - The metadata for this transaction the last time it was initialized. null if this is the first attempt
      the metadata for this new transaction
    • close

      public void close()
      Description copied from interface: ITridentSpout.BatchCoordinator
      Release any resources from this coordinator.
      Specified by:
      close in interface ITridentSpout.BatchCoordinator<Object>
    • success

      public void success(long txid)
      Description copied from interface: ITridentSpout.BatchCoordinator
      This attempt committed successfully, so all state for this commit and before can be safely cleaned up.
      Specified by:
      success in interface ITridentSpout.BatchCoordinator<Object>
      txid - transaction id that completed
    • isReady

      public boolean isReady(long txid)
      Description copied from interface: ITridentSpout.BatchCoordinator
      hint to Storm if the spout is ready for the transaction id.
      Specified by:
      isReady in interface ITridentSpout.BatchCoordinator<Object>
      txid - the id of the transaction
      true, if the spout is ready for the given transaction id