Version: 1.2.3



In the latest version, the class packages have been changed from "backtype.storm" to "org.apache.storm" so the topology code compiled with older version won't run on the Storm 1.0.0 just like that. Backward compatibility is available through following configuration

client.jartransformer.class: "org.apache.storm.hack.StormShadeTransformer"

You need to add the above config in storm installation if you want to run the code compiled with older versions of storm. The config should be added in the machine you use to submit your topologies.

Refer to for more details.

Basics of Storm

Layers on Top of Storm


Trident is an alternative interface to Storm. It provides exactly-once processing, "transactional" datastore persistence, and a set of common stream analytics operations.


The Storm SQL integration allows users to run SQL queries over streaming data in Storm.

NOTE: Storm SQL is an experimental feature, so the internals of Storm SQL and supported features are subject to change. But small change will not affect the user experience. We will notify the user when breaking UX change is introduced.


Setup and Deploying



Integration With External Systems, and Other Libraries

Container, Resource Management System Integration