Class Rankings

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public class Rankings extends Object implements Serializable
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  • Constructor Details

    • Rankings

      public Rankings()
    • Rankings

      public Rankings(int topN)
    • Rankings

      public Rankings(Rankings other)
      Copy constructor.
  • Method Details

    • maxSize

      public int maxSize()
      Get max size.
      the maximum possible number (size) of ranked objects this instance can hold
    • size

      public int size()
      Get size.
      the number (size) of ranked objects this instance is currently holding
    • getRankings

      public List<Rankable> getRankings()
      The returned defensive copy is only "somewhat" defensive. We do, for instance, return a defensive copy of the enclosing List instance, and we do try to defensively copy any contained Rankable objects, too. However, the contract of Rankable.copy() does not guarantee that any Object's embedded within a Rankable will be defensively copied, too.
      a somewhat defensive copy of ranked items
    • updateWith

      public void updateWith(Rankings other)
    • updateWith

      public void updateWith(Rankable r)
    • pruneZeroCounts

      public void pruneZeroCounts()
      Removes ranking entries that have a count of zero.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • copy

      public Rankings copy()
      Creates a (defensive) copy of itself.