Interface Window<L,I>

Type Parameters:
L - the type of window length parameter (E.g. Count, Duration)
I - the type of the sliding interval parameter (E.g. Count, Duration)
All Superinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseWindow, SlidingWindows, TumblingWindows

public interface Window<L,I> extends Serializable
The window specification within Stream.
  • Method Details

    • getWindowLength

      L getWindowLength()
      The length of the window.
      the window length
    • getSlidingInterval

      I getSlidingInterval()
      The sliding interval of the window.
      the sliding interval
    • getTimestampField

      String getTimestampField()
      The name of the field in the tuple that contains the timestamp when the event occurred as a long value. This is used of event-time based processing. If this config is set and the field is not present in the incoming tuple, an IllegalArgumentException will be thrown.
      the timestamp field.
    • getLateTupleStream

      String getLateTupleStream()
      The name of the stream where late arriving tuples should be emitted. If this is not provided, the late tuples would be discarded.
      the name of the stream used to emit late tuples on
    • getLag

      The maximum time lag of the tuple timestamp in milliseconds. It means that the tuple timestamps cannot be out of order by more than this amount.
      the lag