Class BatchSpoutExecutor.BatchSpoutEmitter

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public class BatchSpoutExecutor.BatchSpoutEmitter extends Object implements ITridentSpout.Emitter<Object>
  • Constructor Details

    • BatchSpoutEmitter

      public BatchSpoutEmitter()
  • Method Details

    • emitBatch

      public void emitBatch(TransactionAttempt tx, Object coordinatorMeta, TridentCollector collector)
      Description copied from interface: ITridentSpout.Emitter
      Emit a batch for the specified transaction attempt and metadata for the transaction. The metadata was created by the Coordinator in the initializeTransaction method. This method must always emit the same batch of tuples across all tasks for the same transaction id.
      Specified by:
      emitBatch in interface ITridentSpout.Emitter<Object>
      tx - transaction id
      coordinatorMeta - metadata from the coordinator defining this transaction
      collector - output tuple collector
    • success

      public void success(TransactionAttempt tx)
      Description copied from interface: ITridentSpout.Emitter
      This attempt committed successfully, so all state for this commit and before can be safely cleaned up.
      Specified by:
      success in interface ITridentSpout.Emitter<Object>
      tx - attempt object containing transaction id and attempt number
    • close

      public void close()
      Description copied from interface: ITridentSpout.Emitter
      Release any resources held by this emitter.
      Specified by:
      close in interface ITridentSpout.Emitter<Object>