Interface IOpaquePartitionedTridentSpout.Emitter<PartitionsT,PartitionT extends ISpoutPartition,M>

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IOpaquePartitionedTridentSpout<PartitionsT,PartitionT extends ISpoutPartition,M>

public static interface IOpaquePartitionedTridentSpout.Emitter<PartitionsT,PartitionT extends ISpoutPartition,M>
  • Method Details

    • emitPartitionBatch

      M emitPartitionBatch(TransactionAttempt tx, TridentCollector collector, PartitionT partition, M lastPartitionMeta)
      Emit a batch of tuples for a partition/transaction.

      Return the metadata describing this batch that will be used as lastPartitionMeta for defining the parameters of the next batch.

    • refreshPartitions

      void refreshPartitions(List<PartitionT> partitionResponsibilities)
      This method is called when this task is responsible for a new set of partitions. Should be used to manage things like connections to brokers.
      partitionResponsibilities - The partitions assigned to this task
    • getOrderedPartitions

      List<PartitionT> getOrderedPartitions(PartitionsT allPartitionInfo)
      Sorts the partition info to produce an ordered list of partition.
      allPartitionInfo - The partition info for all partitions being processed by all spout tasks
      The ordered list of partitions being processed by all the tasks. The ordering must be consistent for all tasks.
    • getPartitionsForTask

      default List<PartitionT> getPartitionsForTask(int taskId, int numTasks, List<PartitionT> allPartitionInfoSorted)
      Get the partitions assigned to this task.
      taskId - The id of this task
      numTasks - The number of tasks for this spout
      allPartitionInfoSorted - The partition info for all partitions being processed by all spout tasks, sorted according to getOrderedPartitions(java.lang.Object)
      The list of partitions that are to be processed by the task with id taskId
    • close

      void close()